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How to improve writing in public relations?

Writing and communication skills underpin much of the work done by PR agencies and freelance copywriters or advertising professionals.

It is not only correct spelling and good sentence construction that is important. Choosing the right tone, the right content and the right approach will mark the line between excellent communication and a job to be improved.

In this article we would like to give some tips for agencies and freelancers alike to ensure that their copy or messages are as good as possible and help their clients achieve their goals.

Types of PR copywriting

The PR industry is responsible, among other things, for delivering messages in different media and to different audiences. Depending on these two factors, the characteristics of the text will change and will have to be adapted to them.

Therefore, before starting to write, we must be clear about what and for whom we are writing and what we want to achieve with the text.

Generally speaking, in public relations work we can differentiate between 3 types of texts.

Press releases

The press release is made with the aim of informing the media about an event or a new product/service that the company is going to launch. The aim is to get them to echo it and write about it in their media, bringing it to the attention of more people from different perspectives.

In general, they are usually informative and present objective facts about the issue, without including subjective elements. In addition, the tone tends to be more formal.

Social media

In this case, the audience you want to reach is usually customers who already know you or consumers who might be interested in what you have to offer.

It will all depend on the type of sector you work in, but in these media, a closer tone is generally sought, always appealing to people’s needs and feelings.

When writing this type of message, the strategy will be very important. Each social network has a different purpose and, therefore, will accept one tone better than another. For example, while Instagram accepts more informal and approachable posts, LinkedIn is a more professional and formal network where you don’t tend to see as many personal messages.

Having this in mind will be fundamental to choose the tone of the message and which social network we want to use it for.


Marketing campaigns have a very specific purpose: to sell the product or service offered by the company. In this sense, there is a clear objective and, in addition to appealing to the needs of the person, a lot of emphasis must be placed on the benefits of the product or service to be sold.

In this case, they must be messages with a strong hook that instantly catch the reader’s attention.

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Strategies to improve and strengthen writing

Even Inspiration can also be worked on and it is important to research new ideas and allow time for them to emerge. However, it is important to be clear about some of the characteristics that a good communicator’s message should have. If we keep the following four elements in mind, we will only have to look for originality.


This is one of the things that communicators often struggle with the most. We are used to having to write sentences with a lot of pomp and circumstance or with a lot of convoluted words, partly because of the texts we have been asked to write during our education.

In marketing and communication this can be a great undoing. A client doesn’t have time to read a big text full of technicalities. They want clarity and problem solving. That’s why simple communication will be your greatest weapon as a copywriter and publicist.


Appealing to sentimental aspects and to the needs of the reader is fundamental to reach them, as we remember much more those things that have made us feel something. However, including objective data and real facts in your copywriting will add extra confidence in the brand you are writing for.

Supporting your texts with measurable data from reliable sources will give your brand much more value and a very good reputation.


Your copywriting may be excellent and you may have followed many of the recommendations we have given you here. However, without good SEO applied to the text, your copywriting will go completely unnoticed and it will all be for nothing.

Having knowledge about SEO, web positioning, is a skill that all copywriters must have nowadays. Moreover, this is a constantly evolving and changing field, so it is essential to keep up to date.

Style and tone

As we mentioned in the previous point, depending on the medium in which you want to convey your message, the tone you apply and the style will change.

Therefore, before you start writing a post or article, do your research and establish the tone you want to give it.

Why is PR copywriting effective at Finzel?

At Finzel we have expert content writers with extensive experience working with different companies. We have a structured work dynamic so that all the elements we have mentioned in this text are taken into account.

Our content organisation strategy is based on different phases, but we could highlight three as the main ones.

Editing and proofreading

Even if the texts are written by one person, we always have a proofreading and editing team that reviews the original text to ensure that there are no errors of form or content.

Four eyes see better than two and it is almost impossible for a text to be absolutely perfect if it has not passed through several hands. In that sense, this is one of the advantages that PR agencies have. We have different teams that can support each other.


We select the target audience precisely in order to adapt the language as much as possible to them. If your target is made up of women between 40 and 50 years old who live in the city, the message will not be the same as if we find that your target audience is teenagers who like to practice risky sports.

Neither of these two groups communicate in the same way, nor do they have similar tastes.

At Finzel we select the audience through a good market analysis, and define it as much as possible in order to have the necessary information.

Second opinion

At Finzel we always have more than one professional for each task because we firmly believe that brilliant ideas come from a difference of opinion. Our strength lies in our team.

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Public relations agencies and companies

PR agencies and companies

Public relations agencies are an essential part of any company that wants to have a good online positioning, a good image and a solid and lasting reputation.

Nobody better than a PR agency knows the keys and the best strategies to face the online world, which is changing and requires a great deal of knowledge to stand out.

In this article we will tell you a little more in depth about the exact functions and services that a PR agency can offer to a company, whatever the sector.

The importance of public relations

Public relations agencies take care of everything that has to do with brand communication. From content creation, media relations, positioning, press releases and internal communication, to strategy and image design. All these important aspects are their competence.

All these elements are essential to build a solid, lasting and connected brand with your consumers and potential customers.

Having a team specialised in corporate communications is essential due to the high level of competition and the need to keep up to date with today’s advertising needs.

The advertising industry has changed a lot in recent years and continues to do so. A public relations agency made up of a team of experts in different areas of communication guarantees that you are up to date and the creation of a brand strategy adapted to the times.

What do PR agencies bring to companies?

A PR agency has different services:

  • Media relations: communication with the press is one of the bases to be able to transmit the message to your public. Although in recent years its importance has declined and the focus has been more on platforms that are emerging due to the digital transformation such as YouTube or Instagram, they are still important. Within this branch, a PR agency will carry out the writing of press releases, the organisation of events and press conferences, among other functions.
  • Public relations: the creation of strategies to create links, communication and relationships between the company and customers or other brands.
  • Digital communication and content creation: communicating your brand image and knowing how to choose the right tone and style, as well as creating a suitable strategy, will be other fundamental functions carried out by a PR agency. By creating websites, content for social media and blogs, and newsletters, you can convey your purpose, values and products or services in an appropriate way to consumers.
RP agencies and companies

Why use the services of a PR agency?

A public relations agency is essential if you want to carry out a global strategy that covers different communication fronts.

Thanks to the teamwork of different people specialised in different areas of communication, you will achieve a homogeneous strategy that takes into account different lines.

Using the services of a PR agency has many more advantages than hiring different professionals externally and independently.

On the one hand, there will be better coordination and a much more compatible strategy if you have a group that works together and is part of the same company.

On the other hand, it will also be much more economical for your company to allocate the budget to an agency than to distribute it among different workers.

Finally, by working with an agency you have the support of many professionals and a well-structured organisation in which, if any setback arises, it can be managed in a much more efficient and organised way.

We are the PR agency you need

At Finzel, we are a global strategic communications agency that can take care of all areas of your brand’s communications.

We will analyse your business from different angles to find your strengths and weaknesses and attack them from different angles.

We have been able to work with a wide range of sectors and have extensive experience in different areas.

If you need to make a 180º change to your company’s communication strategy or you want to explore new horizons, contact us and we will work to achieve your goals.

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Client-agency relationship pr

What is the Pr Client-Agency relationship like?

Like all working relationships, misunderstandings and conflicts can arise from the interaction between the client and the PR agency. On many occasions, this does not necessarily stem from incompetence on the part of the agency, but rather from difficulties in communication between the two parties.

You may be thinking that the solution is to break off the working relationship and find a new agency, but this can be more costly than beneficial in terms of money, time and opportunities.

In this article we want to explain what this relationship should be like in order to be fruitful and give you some tips on how to make it work.

The current relationship between PR agency and clients

The current relationship between any PR agency and clients should be a win-win one, where both parties win in one way or another.

It is true that, due to the digital transformation, a lot has changed in the agency world, from business strategy to dealing with the client.

For example, most face-to-face meetings have been replaced by online conversations, and this can be something that not many clients are comfortable with.

One of the key aspects of working with agencies of this type is communication. You can’t carry out a project if you don’t know the characteristics of your client’s business in depth, and this is something that often goes very wrong.

Although there is a greater physical distance due to the evolution of technology, meetings are the cornerstone of any strategy. It is essential that the client communicates what they really want and how, and that agencies give their opinion and feedback.

In fact, not giving this part the time it deserves is something that many companies fall into and one of the main sources of conflict and discontent on both sides.

Do false beliefs about these relationships still persist today?

Such conflicts do occur between client and agency, but they are not common. Most PR agencies are made up of professionals who want to get the job done in the best possible way and make their client happy.

On the other hand, on many occasions, we tend to mistrust the other person, thinking that they are going to botch the job or that they are just trying to get our money.

Again, this can happen, but it is not the norm.

Client-agency relationship pr 2

Principles to help maintain a good relationship

Here are some tips to ensure that if you have had a bad relationship with an agency, it does not happen again, at least on your part.

Form a harmonious union between client and agency pr

A good relationship based on closeness, empathy and respect is the basis of all relationships, both personal and professional.

You don’t have to force a close relationship in which you ask about the other person’s personal life if it doesn’t come naturally, but you shouldn’t stop it either.

On the other hand, treating each other’s work and opinions with respect is fundamental to progress in this relationship.

Conflicts may arise, but they must always be resolved with tolerance and a sense of poise.

Defensive posturing solves nothing

When faced with a conflict, it is useless to say “it wasn’t me”, “it’s not my fault” or “you should have…” wherever it comes from. Such phrases do not solve the conflict or the problem in front of us.

When faced with a project, we are all a team and the problem must be dealt with as such. If this type of situation arises, the best thing to do is to call meetings to discuss the error and brainstorm ways to deal with it in the best possible way.

Communication is the key to any good relationship

Following on from the previous point, conflicts or setbacks cannot be solved if there is a deficit in communication between agency-client. In fact, as we said before, this is usually the origin of the great majority of problems between both parties.

As they say, people understand each other by talking. Talking about what you want from minute one is key. This will save future mistakes. On the one hand, as a client you will be able to express all your objectives when contracting the services and, as an agency, you will have to communicate your strategy and work methodology.

Team mentality between both parties

Again, without one party, the other cannot keep up. The agency needs your involvement as much as you need theirs. Without your feedback, the agency will not be able to improve the strategy and without your business vision, you will not know how to reorient your objectives.

Therefore, from the moment you choose a PR agency to work with, you will be an important part of their team.

If you don’t feel part of them for whatever reason, we advise you to look for other agencies that are more in line with you and that you connect with. The main thing is that the working process is comfortable for everyone and that no one is dissatisfied.

Our pr agency knows how to communicate efficiently

Throughout the life of our public relations agency we have encountered a multitude of situations. We would be lying if we said that with all our clients the relationship has been a bed of roses. Not at all. Like any company, we have encountered difficulties and conflicts.

However, since we created the agency, we knew that our main objective was, apart from delivering results, to be close to our clients, to those who trusted us.

That is why, whenever we have appreciated that problems could arise, we have always opted for dialogue, trust and transparency.

We can proudly say that we have always solved conflicts head-on and have always advised our clients on the best way forward. Because the key is not to avoid conflicts, but to know how to deal with them.

We believe that our way of dealing with the client is one of our main success factors. From minute one they become part of the team and, therefore, a partner.

We encourage you, if you need an agency for your business, to contact us and tell us about the objectives you have as a company. We will be delighted to help you.

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Best pr digital agency Madrid

Where to find the best pr digital agency in Madrid?

Selecting the best digital PR agency in Madrid for your business can be no easy task. Doing a small search on Google the results will be immense and you may feel overwhelmed. In this article we want to clear up some doubts about this search process and give you some tips for you to choose the digital PR agency in Madrid that best suits your business model and allows you to achieve results.

Digital presence and its importance in the choice

One of the services offered by digital PR agencies is the management of the digital presence of our business. Because of this, how they manage their own and the image they give on the network will be a very important element to take into account when choosing one.

If their aesthetics, their message and their digital presence, not only on Google, but also on social networks, do not convince us, they are definitely not our agency.

It is true that the work they will do with our company will have different characteristics and should be adapted to the niche in which our business operates, but if what they transmit in that first impression does not convince you with respect to the work they have done with their own business, we recommend that you keep looking.

Pr agencies and their new reinvention in the digital era

Adaptability to the times is one of the issues that PR agencies have had to adapt to very quickly.

The digital age is advancing by leaps and bounds, and if you don’t reinvent yourself you will be out of the game.

On many occasions, we see agencies on Google with a somewhat outdated aesthetic, conveying an image that is not what you would expect to find today.

This is also a sign that the agency may not have reinvented itself sufficiently; or its main objective is simply not to find customers online.

I want the services of a PR agency in Madrid, what do I do?

If you are interested in finding the services of a PR agency, your main ally will be Google, as we have mentioned. But, apart from its image, what aspects should I look for in order to select the right one for my business? Here we will help you.

pr agency spain

Nowadays you can find everything on Google

It is true. Nowadays Google is like our yellow pages and our encyclopaedia. But if you don’t know how to search, you may get into a dead-end labyrinth.

First of all, if you are looking for PR agencies in Madrid, we advise you to literally enter that name in the search engine.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for something more specific, you can add words like “for design companies” or “near the centre” to your search.

PR agencies on Google, how do I find them?

The first step is to know how to sift through all the results that appear and use the elements we mentioned before. This way you will be able to make a first general discard.

In the next sifting, you should discard those agencies that have not yet worked with companies in your sector. Knowing the niche market is very important for effective communication strategies. However, this is only a guideline. If you see that you are very attracted to a company because of the way they work, you can trust their judgement and start working with them. Sometimes fresh and innovative ideas work very well.

On the other hand, it is also very important that their way of working is in line with yours. It may be that for you it is essential to have regular face-to-face meetings and that some of the companies you have selected do all their work online. In that case, we also advise you to opt for those that are compatible with you in this respect.

Of course, it is essential that you take a look at their portfolio and any previous work they have done to get an in-depth understanding of their style.

Finzel will help you if you are looking for communication agencies

At Finzel we are experts in global strategic communication and we are based in Madrid, specifically in Torrelodones. So if you are looking for a PR agency in this community, we would be delighted to meet you and listen to your project.

Whether you need strategies for a media relations plan or public relations for your business, as well as to create an effective digital communication and content creation strategy, you can count on us.

We have extensive experience helping companies in a wide range of sectors such as education, tourism, healthcare and industry.

Tell us what you need and we will tell you what we think is best for you.

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