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Public relations is nowadays an essential element for the good management of communications in any company or organisation.

Since ancient times, man has needed to communicate and establish relationships with his peers and his environment, in the search to consolidate alliances that allow him to develop his life and activities in general.

In order to have an adequate, correct and satisfactory management of public relations, today there is a wide variety of companies dedicated to offering these services in a professional manner.

Finzel Pr is one of these specialised agencies dedicated to providing public relations and PR services; we have specialised staff to offer a wide range of PR services and digital content.

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How does our public relations service work?

Finzel Pr has a wide range of integrated communication services available, specially designed to help companies and organisations find the help they need to improve and achieve a greater presence in various markets.

Our services can be integrated and set up as part of long-term communication strategy processes or carried out as single, individual projects.

Our size and structure allow us to realise combinations of flexibility and cost-effectiveness, thus helping our clients to obtain maximum value and performance from their local public relations budgets and strategies.

We have extensive experience in the PR market

Since the founding of Finzel PR by Piers Finzel in 2003 in Madrid, we have gained a wealth of experience over the years in providing corporate communications services both locally and internationally.

Over the years, Finzel has been able to achieve exponential growth while increasing its development in the areas of technology and industry, healthcare, education, financial services, tourism and travel.

Based in Madrid and Barcelona in Spain and Lisbon in Portugal, Finzel’s senior consultants and advisors are fluent in multiple languages and are able to respond to requests in any language.

In addition, our consultants can provide clients with an objective view and understanding of the various professional and consumer markets in Spain and Portugal.

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Differentiating factors with other PR agencies

The philosophy with which Finzel PR staff carry out their work and offer their services is one of the main characteristics that sets us apart from other PR agencies in the market.

We always work with the idea of offering our clients the very best in PR services.

In order to successfully achieve these objectives, we comply with a series of regulations and working methods that allow us to guarantee optimum quality and excellence in our services.

Finzel PR’s staff is client-oriented at all times, in the pursuit of successful results that satisfy our clients.

Where to find us?

PR Agency in Spain

As an pr agency in Spain we have a physical presence and offices in Madrid and Barcelona. You can contact us at any of our pr agencies in any of the territories mentioned above and we will attend to your request as soon as possible.

PR Agency in Portugal

As an pr agency in Portugal we have a physical presence and office in Lisbon. You can contact our agency pr and we will attend your request as soon as possible.

Interested? Contact our PR agency

If you are part of a business group or organisation and are interested in establishing the best PR service, you should contact Finzel PR.

Our specialists will attend to your requests, answer your questions to solve all your doubts and offer you an optimal, excellent and high quality service for the establishment or improvement of your public relations.

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