Communication agencies vs. media

Communication agencies vs. media – Compatible?

The relationship between communication agencies and the media has always been very close. Not only do they collaborate and work together, but agencies often buy media and vice versa. This practice creates a lot of dilemmas and calls into question the professionalism and reliability of both. So the question is, can the two work together in an honest way in the public eye? In this article we take a stand.

The current situation between agencies and the media

The dynamic between brands, agencies and media works as follows: the brand wants to communicate a message to the audience, hires an agency to do it in the best possible way, and the agency contacts the media to offer to communicate it, and the media may or may not accept.

However, this dynamic can become more complex. Sometimes, the communication of the news from the agency to the media does not take place independently, i.e. there are communications agencies that have become part of large media and media that have become part of large agencies. In this case, the news from the brand will be accepted, no matter what.

This leads us to a stark reality: to doubt the independence of the media and their rigorousness.

Is it true that the media are absorbing communication agencies?

Of course they are. It is no secret that this happens and that it also happens the other way around. It is a widespread practice for agencies to buy space in the media in order to include content from their clients or even from their own agency to promote themselves.

This marketing strategy has proven to be much more effective than advertising in attracting more clients, but there is always a downside to every story. The medium begins to be perceived as not very independent and gradually loses credibility with the audience.

But this does not only happen between agencies and media, but also in the equation most often the brands are involved, buying media or agencies. It is a kind of circle where everyone works together and has the same interests, with no separation between these three pillars.

Media and Communication Agencies

What are the dynamics of this practice?

Due to the precarious situation of the traditional media today, this practice has become much more widespread, even though it has always existed.

However, often times, in this 3-factor equation, the media has the least power. Due to the digital revolution, any company and any communication agency can create its own portal and promote its own products or services without the need to contact the mainstream media.

Are these practices ethical on both sides? Our opinion

As a communications agency, one of our jobs is to make a brand’s product or service known to the public, and that will always be the case. There is nothing negative about that. Advertising, as long as it is perceived and communicated as such, benefits everyone.

At Finzel, we believe that the problem arises when advertising is integrated into the media in an excessive and uncritical manner. We believe that the media should be financed by brand advertising, but always trying not to confuse the viewer or consumer.

Avoiding practices that pass off advertising as information or news will be fundamental if the media, and the agencies or brands that advertise in them, want to continue to have the public’s trust.

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Communication agency spain

Do you want to do communication in Spain? 5 keys to bear in mind

Do you want to launch your own communication agency in Spain? Spain has many peculiarities within this sector compared to the rest of Europe.

As a public relations agency with more than 17 years of experience in the sector, we want to clear the landscape for you so that you can get to know this business in more depth and run your business with more information.

Spain: marketing and communication

Spain is a country where consumers find it difficult to accept and adapt to digital advertising, but little by little this trend is changing and public relations agencies are creating increasingly effective strategies.

As someone who is about to embark on the world of communication and marketing in Spain, it is important that you are aware of this context in order to know the type of consumers your clients are going to face.

PR agencies and their situation in Spain

Although Spain is one of the world’s leading economies, it is not one of the most important markets in the marketing and communication sector.

This means that big brands do not have Spanish agencies as their main target for selection. However, this does not mean that we are invisible, but we have a lot to improve and the tips we have selected in the following section can help you.

Do you want to work in communication in this country? Here are our tips

Now that you know the broad outline of the situation of this sector in the country, we are going to tell you more in depth about some of the characteristics of this field that you should bear in mind.

English… a barrier in this country

One of the main handicaps of Spanish PR agencies is the level of English.

Although Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world, knowledge of English is essential for business and as a company you should not overlook it.

We at Finzel were very clear about this when we wanted to grow, and now we recommend it to you too. Have teams in your company that are fluent in English. This will not only give you a more professional image, but you will also attract many more customers and have many more opportunities for growth.

Leaving national stereotypes behind

Don’t create campaigns or let your studio’s creativity always fall into stereotypes. It is true that Spain has always tried to transmit to the world an image of sun, beach and paella, something that is by no means negative. But we should not get stuck in these elements when we develop our work.

Try as a PR agency to go further and explore facets of the country or aspects that have not been touched on much, both for your clients and for your own brand.

Communication agency in spain

Be informal… speak clearly and on a one-to-one basis

Spanish consumers prefer direct, transparent and informal communication. With few exceptions, do not use technical terms or very formal messages. This way, your communication strategies will resonate much more with Spanish and Latin American customers.

The media are transforming

A few years ago, public relations agencies suffered a tremendous crisis with the irruption of the new media that came with the internet. Some were able to reinvent themselves and adapt and others had to fall by the wayside.

This will continue to happen because the digital transformation is constantly evolving. As an agency you need to be resilient and resolute and grow in line with society. Don’t rest on your laurels.

Make the right choice between digital and conventional media

Which world do you want to be in as an agency? You can opt for both, but the one who covers too much is not enough. Our recommendation is that you choose one or the other or, if you want to touch both areas, select a few within each type. This way you will be able to offer your clients a much more professional and focused service and you will be able to get to know the world you choose much better.

Finzel your communications agency in Spain

These are some of the strategies that have helped us throughout the life of our company and that we continue to take into account in order to continue to grow. At Finzel, we hope that they will also help you on this incredible journey of communication.

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Social networks public relations agency

Public relations professionals – Creative ways to use social networks

What brand or professional today does not use social media to gain visibility? However, PR agencies are well aware of the competition that exists in this world and the great importance of keeping up to date as well as being original and creative.

In this article we want to give you some tips on how to improve your presence on social media, whether you work for a PR agency or you are a freelancer who wants to provide a better service to your clients.

Don’t just stick to the same old stuff and give your work a different feel so as not to bore your audience.

Social networks and their importance in this digital era

Social networks have come to revolutionise everything and they are here to stay.

Thanks to them, the essence of each business can be transmitted in a closer way and connect much more with the customer compared to traditional media.

On the other hand, the low cost of social media marketing campaigns has allowed small and medium-sized businesses to have more opportunities for growth.

It’s all advantages. However, as a PR agency or freelancer, you need to be much more up to date, as it is a fast-moving world where today’s strategy may not work tomorrow.

The immediacy of communication means that, as professionals, we cannot rest on our laurels and become complacent; being up to date will be one of the main keys to success.

Social media as an information search tool

Although social networks are a challenge, they have internal data analysis tools so that we can learn a great deal about our audience and our movements. This way, we know whether we have taken the right direction or whether we need to change our strategy.

Instagram or YouTube have this type of service, but you may not be aware of the possibilities offered by other platforms. Here are some of them.

Social networks pr agency

Monitoring through TweetDeck

Twitter is a social network with a huge presence. It has millions of users around the world and we should not discard it prematurely as an option to enhance our brand and promote our products.

Like many other networks, Twitter can also be managed with a tool that allows you to get the most out of the platform. This tool is TweetDeck.

It is a great ally for any Community Manager who manages this social network because, among its many other functions, allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts.

Through TweetDeck we can publish, schedule tweets and know the notifications, comments and DMs.

On the other hand, apart from managing the accounts you want, TweetDeck also allows you to create lists of keywords so that, as a professional, you can keep up to date on any important conversation that arises around them.

Thanks to this option, you will be able to monitor both your client and their competition and be able to react and be proactive to any interesting conversation.

Increase visibility across your network with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network on the internet. Having a well-managed profile is essential due to the scope for which it is designed.

As a professional you will have faced or will face clients who demand good management of this network. It may be a little more difficult to deal with than the others, so perhaps these positioning tricks will be of great use to you:

  • Include a keyword in the name: you can accompany your client’s name with their job title or profession to make it easier to find them.
  • Be original: despite what it may seem from the format, LinkedIn does not have to be a serious social network. Don’t be afraid to be creative and get noticed.
  • The importance of the keyword in the extract: take the opportunity to define your client well and highlight him/her, but do not forget to include the keyword in the extract as well as in other sections, whenever possible.

Growing your online presence across company channels

At our PR agency Finzel, we have often had to help companies optimise their online presence. Many people think that more is better, but that’s not always the case. A brand doesn’t have to be present on all social networks, which can lead to more losses than benefits.

A brand should choose its presence based on performance analysis and targeting. Those networks that do not generate hardly any interaction should be abandoned. Thanks to this, you will be able to optimise your online presence and increase your visibility by having more time to take care of the ones that really matter.

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