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Communications have always been the best way to unite people and peoples, to establish fraternal relationships; also for business throughout time and have evolved along with it.

The origins of public relations go back to ancient times, when tribal societies worked to promote respect for the tribal chief and the need to help each other to grow as a society.

Public relations, or as we commonly know it, PR, is a fundamental factor for communication between companies, businesses or people in general, who seek to make themselves known in the areas where they work in an appropriate way that responds to their interests of progress, development and success.

Public relations are in charge of managing the communication processes between a certain organization and the society or public that follows them.

These tasks are carried out with the purpose of building, developing and maintaining a positive image, which also favors its positioning in the area where it carries out its activities.

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How to choose the best PR agency for you in Portugal?

Choosing the best pr agency in Portugal to serve the interests of your company or business can be a success that will bring countless benefits, if it is done in the most appropriate way.

Among the aspects that you should take into account to make the best selection of the company that will give you the public relations services you are looking for, we can mention:

  • That it is a company that sets specific objectives.
  • The agency must know your brand and orientation
  • The agency must also know the competitors in your area
  • It is essential that you know the team that will carry out your strategy.
  • Establish the experience you require from the agency.
  • Determine important criteria to manage
  • Define your budget
  • It is important to know the client portfolio of the company you wish to hire.
  • Strategies to measure the reach and effectiveness of your PR from the hired agency.

Our public relations service in Portugal

Finzel PR, has arrived in Portugal to offer the best public relations and communications service for entrepreneurs and business people who wish to make themselves known and expand their areas of influence and action, thanks to the establishment of unparalleled public relations.

Finzel Pr and its highly trained staff are able to offer a wide range of public relations services, in a customized manner, to ensure that the needs and expectations of all clients in Portugal are met.

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Our services


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Research and development of target media lists
Drafting and distribution of press releases
Organisation of interviews and press conferences
Event management and organisation
Development and distribution of articles and case studies

Online Press Rooms


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Public Relations

Public Relations Agency
Institutional Relations
Client/Partner Relations
Event organization
Employee relations
Internal communications
Newsletters and bulletins


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Formation of press spokespersons
Writing and distribution of press releases
Training of speakers


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Market reports

Graphic design and creativity
Advertising insertion support
Contests and promotions


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Digital communication

Social Media
Corporate Blogs
Online Community Forums
Digital newsletters
Podcasts and videocasts
Web Content Management
Translation, editing and proofreading of local language version of web pages
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Finzel PR and its wide experience in the PR market in Portugal

Finzel has almost 20 years developing its work in the area of providing public relations services; in all this time, we have accumulated a wide experience and our staff has specialized with the latest advances in the way of conducting PR to be as successful as required and expected.

For this and many other reasons we are the most experienced digital pr agency to offer and provide public relations services for entrepreneurs, businessmen and anyone who decides to have a PR agency in Portugal.

What differentiates us from other PR agencies in Portugal?

Clients who come to Finzel PR want to achieve excellence in service that will allow them to stand out and position themselves in their industry. The staff of our company specializes in providing unparalleled quality services, with total responsibility, fully dedicated to the needs, expectations and desires of the client.

Our conditions and characteristics allow us to clearly differentiate ourselves from all other PR agencies working in Portugal.

At Finzel PR, as a PR agency in Lisbon, we are ready to provide you with a complete, personalized and unique service to make your public relations work as you have always wished and to allow you to conquer your objectives in a comprehensive way.

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