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Communication campaigns with Finzel – Our top 3!

After 18 years in the communication sector it is difficult, or rather very difficult, to choose three cases that represent us for the success of the campaign. Of course there have been difficult clients and situations, but in most cases the campaigns have had very positive results and achievements. It’s also difficult because over the years we have had and continue to have clients from many different sectors, but in the last decade Finzel PR was visionary enough to focus on the wider world of technology, as well as the booming sectors of industrial automation, which is why the three clients we have chosen come from these sectors.

Finzel PR: success in technology and automation


When this Danish robot company joined our portfolio, it was still a small company in the hands of its three founders, trying to break into the European market. Their proposal was highly innovative, but with Europeans in the midst of the worst economic crisis in recent years, it was not easy to break through, so they sought the help of Finzel PR. We have seen it grow, develop and become a benchmark in the industrial automation sector.

Universal Robots was founded in 2005 with the aim of making robot technology accessible to everyone by developing small, easy-to-use, reasonably priced and flexible industrial robots that are safe to work with. Since the launch of the first robot in 2008, the company has experienced considerable growth, and the user-friendly robots are now sold in more than 50 countries around the world. It was subsequently sold to Teradyne, but some of its founders are still associated with the company in other roles.

universal robots communication campaign

Finzel PR’s campaign achievements

The years we developed a campaign for them coincided with their years of development and expansion in Spain, and the company quickly became a benchmark in the collaborative robotics sector. Their constant innovations and the strategic vision of their directors allowed Finzel PR to gain incredible coverage and positioned them as the No. 1 brand in this new discipline of industrial automation. In the last year alone, we achieved nearly 400 clippings and the company was featured in major media outlets such as El País, Expansión, etc. Our period of collaboration was extremely fruitful and we are proud to have contributed to making UR a leader in its market.

2 – QNAP

QNAP, which stands for “Quality Network Appliance Provider”, is a privately held multinational company founded in 2004, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, with subsidiaries in China and the United States, initially focused on producing premium home network media players, world-class NAS storage and professional NVR video surveillance solutions for the consumer, small and medium business, and enterprise market segments. Today, it is also dedicated to providing complete software development, hardware design and in-house manufacturing solutions. While focusing on storage, networking and intelligent video innovations, QNAP now introduces a revolutionary cloud NAS solution coupled with a cutting-edge subscription-based software ecosystem and diversified service channels.

qnap communication campaign

Finzel PR’s achievements in the campaign

Like other clients that have come to Spain through Finzel PR, QNAP was still a relatively unknown company in our territory and with strong competition, so breaking into the market was not going to be easy. Our collaboration with QNAP lasted 7 years, during which we launched countless products, with incredible results, reaching 1350 press clippings, 170 published product test articles, and 70 media awards. It was a tremendously fruitful, long-lasting and cordial collaboration and relationship. QNAP is today also a reference in the sector and FINZEL PR is very happy to have helped them to position themselves in the Spanish market.


Akamai Technologies, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was founded in 1998 by Daniel Lewin and Tom Leighton. Akamai is a Hawaiian word meaning “smart” or “clever”. Beyond the name, the company has no ties to Hawaii.

Akamai Technologies is a global content delivery network, cybersecurity and cloud services company that provides web and Internet security services worldwide.

The technology company operates a network of servers around the world and rents capacity on these servers to customers or companies that want their websites to run faster. This is made possible by distributing content from locations close to the user, so that downloads of certain content (videos, images, music, documents, websites, etc.) are more reliable and faster.

Akamai’s customer base includes some of the world’s largest companies, Adobe Systems Incorporated, American Express, Yahoo!, AOL Radio, Symantec,, Google, Microsoft, FedEx, Xerox, Apple, Facebook, TikTok (ByteDance), Music Television (MTV), and many more.

akami communication campaign

Finzel PR’s campaign achievements

Akamai has been a client of Finzel PR for 4 years now and the collaboration between the two could not have been more fruitful and positive. During this time Akamai has expanded on the mainland and has positioned itself as a major player in the web world. It is obvious that in this new era we are living in, especially since the intensification of remote work, the services of companies like Akamai are absolutely essential. Proof of this are the countless articles, press releases, interviews, etc. that have appeared in the press and digital media since their arrival in our client portfolio.

We believe that the client’s satisfaction with the objectives achieved and the agency is total, and proof of this is that Akamai, in its last tender for the European PR services contract, imposed a non-negotiable condition for any agency network that won the business, to continue working with Finzel PR for its campaign in Spain.

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Agencia RP en España

PR Agency in Spain – Do you know how to find it?

Nowadays, a PR agency in Spain is one of the great allies that companies must have if they want to develop a communication strategy that delivers results.

Advertising and communication have changed a lot since the digital revolution entered our lives. Many Spanish agencies, as well as those in the rest of the world, have had to update and discover new marketing strategies and tools.

If you as a company need a communication and image plan to strengthen your brand, this article will give you some tips on how to find the right PR agency in Spain.

PR agencies and their situation in Spain.

Traditionally, Spanish companies had a rather low communication profile. As a result, they had little visibility. Since the second half of the 1980s, and especially since the digital transformation brought about by the arrival of the internet and all its spaces, this has changed.

Advertising and communication companies had to adapt to the new times, learn new communication channels and generate new strategies.

Today, PR agencies in Spain have been able to renew themselves and adapt to the times, providing companies that rely on their services with great results in terms of positioning and brand image.

How do I find a PR agency in Spain?

The Internet has come to change everything and, in many ways, make our lives easier. Therefore, when looking for a public relations agency in Spain that can work with your company, the easiest thing to do is to search the search engines on the web.

At first you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of PR agencies out there, but the key is to sift through and select the ones that are most suited to your business.

One of the first pieces of advice we give you when selecting an agency is to discard those that have never worked with your company’s subject matter. Knowing the market niche in which a business operates is essential for drawing up a solid and effective strategy, so it is advisable to leave your company in the hands of professionals with experience in this field.

However, during your research you may connect a lot with the style and way of working of a company that has never worked in your sector. If so, you can trust them. The work of

defining your target audience and strategy may take more time at the beginning, but it can pay off.

It is also very important that you choose the way in which you are going to work with her. There are PR companies that carry out all their work online and meetings are also held remotely. If this dynamic does not fit in with the way you work in your company, you should investigate and even ask the companies you are most interested in what their work dynamic is.

On the other hand, you will also have to choose whether you want to work with the PR agency externally or include some of their staff internally in your company.

Of course, it is very important that you review their portfolio, their previous work, to decide if their style connects with the style you want to give to your company.

In short, select agencies that have a similar working dynamic to yours and a style that matches so that neither of you will feel uncomfortable.

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Agencia RP en España 2

Once located… Which PR agency to choose?

Once you have selected the PR agencies in Spain that best suit your style and way of working, you will have to choose one of them, but this does not mean that it is the final decision.

We recommend that you make a list of about 5 PR agencies that you want to work with. Try working with one of them and if you are not happy with one, move on to another until you find the right one.

Communication and brand image are very personal elements of a company. The corporate discourse and design must be very well adapted to achieve the expected results and connect with the public.

Make an appointment with the agency you like the most, share conditions and objectives and if you reach an agreement both financially and in terms of the project, go ahead!

You will have to explain very well to the agency what you want to achieve and what your objectives are. Once you have explained your communication and marketing aspirations, the agency will get to work on it.

With 18 years of success behind us, Finzel is your PR agency in Spain.

Finzel is a PR agency in Spain with a wealth of experience in helping both national companies achieve their goals as well as organisations from other parts of the world.

We carry out a global strategic communication in which we work on media relations and public relations as well as content creation and digital communication.

We are fortunate to have been able to work with a wide range of industries and to have achieved a high level of communicative understanding in different sectors. This has allowed us to be able to help many clients from different business backgrounds. If you are looking for a PR agency in Spain, we will be happy to listen to your objectives and help you achieve your goals. Our entire team will work to help you achieve them.

FINZEL PR | Your PR Agency in Spain

Experts in global strategic communication
hire pr agency

Why hire an online PR agency?

Nowadays, if you want to achieve good results with your clients and position yourself as a renowned brand, you need the help of a digital PR agency.

Communication is one of the most important areas within a company when it comes to connecting with the public. And it must be organised by experts.

PR agencies and their nature of being

The aim of any digital PR agency is to communicate your products or services and your essence to your audience. Through different online channels such as social media, articles and marketing campaigns, as well as through media relations, they will achieve your communication goals.

hire pr agency 2

Why use your online services?

The rapid evolution of the digital world has brought about impressive changes in many sectors and professions. Advertising and communication is one of them.

Any brand without an effective online strategy is doomed to disappear. The old promotional channels, although still in existence, are making way for other digital media that are advancing without measure.

Knowing the nature of these new channels and how to communicate through them will be essential if we want to convey our business message and attract our target audience. A digital PR agency that knows this world well will be the resources you need if you want to successfully enter the online world.

Communication agencies specialised in the digital marketing sector are well aware of the communication style of the new media. So, whatever sector you are in, if you want to promote both products and services, a digital PR agency is what you need to make the leap.

Main reasons for hiring their services

The contact with the public through the digital world is very different from the contact with the public through advertising in more traditional media such as television or posters. Therefore, the strategies to be carried out will be totally different, allowing a greater interaction between brand and customer, which can be very beneficial if you know how to take advantage of it.


As we have mentioned, the way in which a brand message is transmitted in the digital era is very different. The new communication platforms have a certain style and this type of agency will know how to adapt your corporate message to each of them in order to connect with consumers.

Effective strategies

Once the brand is understood and the message to be sent is identified, the digital PR agency will develop a customised communication strategy for the business.

This strategy should include a publication calendar, an analysis of the market and the target audience, as well as a study of the competition to anticipate possible responses.

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hire pr agency 3


Once the strategy has been implemented, the agency will monitor the results of each step. In this way, errors and success stories can be detected in order to perfect future strategies.

The results of monitoring will always modify the strategy, even slightly, as once it has been launched, elements for improvement will be identified.

Media attraction

Within the communication strategy, the relationship with different media will be key. And it is not only about connecting with traditional media, but also connecting with influencers, youtubers and bloggers so that they collaborate in the expansion of the company’s communication.

Any more reasons? PR agency Finzel is your best help

At Finzel PR Agency we have been helping companies to improve their corporate image and communication strategy for many years.

If you think your brand image needs to adapt to the new times, we can help you. We have worked hand in hand with companies from very different sectors and we have always been able to adapt strategies according to the context.

FINZEL PR | Your PR Agency in Spain

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FinzelPR 18 years old agency rp madrid


This November 2021 is a very special month for FINZEL PR… We are celebrating 18 years as an PR agency in Spain and Portugal! Although it is a very important milestone, we believe that the most important thing is not so much the age we have reached, but the fact that we are still here.

Our beginnings

Finzel Public Relations was founded in Madrid in 2003 by Piers Finzel, a consultant with many years of experience in the local and international corporate communications sector. The agency was created in response to demand from partner agencies in other European markets, who needed support in Spain as part of the international campaigns they were running for their clients. This is the cornerstone of the services Finzel PR has been providing ever since.

As always, the beginnings were a bit hard, and the road has not been without difficulties, but with hard work and determination, we have managed to get to where we are today. The most important thing is always to believe in oneself and in one’s abilities, to have faith in a project and to know how to get up, even if it is hard, after suffering a failure, if you start from that base you have already gone half way.


It all began as a simple dream, then it was presented as a project and little by little it has grown to become a public relations agency recognised in the sector and with some very present values that are its hallmark: honesty, effort, quality and proximity. Today, all our hard work and dedication have borne fruit, and we can proudly say that we are extremely satisfied with our achievements.

Over the years, Finzel PR has experienced exponential growth and has developed extensive expertise in the areas of Technology & Industry, Healthcare, Education, Financial Services as well as Travel & Tourism. Operating from Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon, Finzel PR’s team of senior consultants is fully multilingual and can offer clients a totally objective view and understanding of the professional and consumer markets in both Spain and Portugal.

The agency’s commitment and dedication to its clients is total. The closeness, constant communication and the effort of all of us to meet their expectations is our priority, and this is reflected in the results and therefore in the loyalty of our clients, some of whom have been with us for a whopping 15 years!

FinzelPR 18 years old agency rp madrid 2

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Getting to the finish line is easy, the hard part is staying there. When we started this journey as an PR agency in Madrid, we didn’t know how far we would go or how we would do it. Our steps have been slow, but sure, and that has allowed us to be here today and to have survived several crises (and what a crisis they were!).

Our growth has not been limited to increasing our turnover and income, or to increasing our staff, in fact we would say that the former is the least important (although necessary), but the reputation and good name of our agency, built on effort and dedication, are the best reward we receive on this anniversary. We don’t say so ourselves, but rather the comments and words of our clients throughout all these years, which makes us feel very proud, but not satisfied, because we always want to give them the best.

… looking to the future

18 years seems like a long time, but this is not the end, our journey has only just begun, especially in this 21st century in which new technologies, communication channels and work tools are developing at breakneck speed. We will be there, at the forefront of communication, giving our clients what this new era demands.

Thank you

From the first steps of FINZEL PR, to what we are today, we owe everything we are to the effort and the essence of each and every one of the people who work or have worked with us and, from this moment on, we can see a powerful future. And how could we not thank our clients, present and past, for their contribution! Without them, and their confidence in us, we would certainly never have reached this coming of age.


Thanks to all the people who have passed through FINZEL PR, those who have been with us since the beginning or who joined us later, and to those who are still to come.

Thank you all for your support and hard work.

FINZEL PR | 18 years at your side

We are a Public Relations and Communications agency based in Madrid with offices in Barcelona and Lisbon (Portugal).

Cómo saber si tu agencia RP es la correcta 3

How do you know if your PR agency is the right one?

The work of a communications and events agency is fundamental to guarantee the good marketing of a company and to take care of the public’s vision of it. That is why, as a brand, it is very important that you hire a public relations agency that understands your company’s needs and does quality work. How do you do it? Here we will give you some important indications so that you know what are the key points that a PR agency should fulfil.

The importance of PR agencies within a company

Communication tasks require extensive knowledge of marketing, advertising, public relations and positioning. All these areas need to be carried out by a group of people who are experts in each of them and who have the ability to keep up to date and know them inside out.

Moreover, it is not enough to have one or two people. This sector requires a great deal of coordinated and professional teamwork. PR agencies will be the ones to provide you with everything you need in this regard.

Thanks to the services of such agencies, you as a brand can have everything you need to communicate properly and strengthen your company’s presence. Otherwise, there will always be something left undone or unpolished and the desired objectives will not be achieved.

Areas handled by public relations agencies

On the one hand, public relations agencies will take care of all aspects of your company’s communication. From external communication with consumers and the media to internal communication with employees.

Publications on social networks, blog articles, press releases, interviews, media appearances, internet positioning. All these actions are the main areas of action for this type of agency.

On the other hand, they are also in charge of organising events and taking care of the brand’s image when it is invited to an event.

In order to be successful in these areas, public relations agencies have another line of action, that of market analysis. In order to make a good impression as a brand on the public and to select the most appropriate image, it is necessary to carry out a detailed study of the target audience, the goals to be achieved by the company and the results obtained by implementing a strategy.

Cómo saber si tu agencia RP es la correcta 2

Essential characteristics

When you google the word PR agency on the internet, you will get a lot of results and options to choose from. At first, you may not find any difference between them beyond the aesthetics of their website. However, there are some fundamental elements that every company of this type should comply with and not all of them do. That’s why we want to help you differentiate a good job.

Even if you are already working with such an agency, these tips will help you to know if you have made the right choice.

The PR agency should manage your context and market

Prior to the implementation or planning of any strategy, any PR agency you work with should carry out a market study of your sector. This analysis will allow you to analyse your target audience, the niches into which your market is divided, the competition and the reactions that will occur in order to anticipate them. A good study of all these variables will guarantee a much more effective strategy.

The PR agency must update its database

An up-to-date database will be the beginning of all good work for any PR agency or media agency. The database is the place where all the information and contact details of editors, photographers, reporters or media outlets they may work with are stored. For the database to be complete, one person must be responsible for keeping it up to date.

The PR agency must have the ability to reach the target market.

As we mentioned before, one of the most important functions of any PR agency is to define well the target audience, also known as target market. But what do we mean by this name?

The target is the potential public, any customer or audience that may be interested in the products or services of a company. Therefore, when we talk about target audience, we refer to a specific group of people who, due to their characteristics, have a high chance of becoming a customer.

All advertising campaigns, publications and interaction in networks must be oriented towards this target audience and public relations agencies have to get close to them and connect.

Research their success stories to find out more about their methodology.

Before trusting any PR agency it will be important to research what their previous work has been and what they have achieved with it. This is a way of finding out if their style fits what we are looking for, as well as what kind of niches they have worked with the most.

This information is usually available on their website, but if you can’t find it, you can always contact the brand and ask them.

Cómo saber si tu agencia RP es la correcta 3

Study their submitted proposals carefully

When you ask for a quote or a strategy proposal, don’t take the first thing you are presented with or the first agency you approach. Our first advice is to make a selection of those agencies that have caught your attention or convinced you the most, send them a request for proposal and then analyse each one of them.

Don’t just be guided by the price, but also analyse everything they include and the level of professionalism in each one of them. Study if they adapt to what you are looking for and everything they have transmitted to you.

Observe whether there is good and constant communication between the two.

When you entrust your brand communication to a company, it is very important that the communication between you is fluid and clear. If you can’t have a fruitful relationship with each other, how can you have a fruitful relationship with your customers?

It is necessary for the agency to give you all its impressions of your company as well as all the progress and difficulties. In the same way, it is also essential that you communicate your concerns and doubts.

The PR agency contract must be transparent and without small print.

Not everyone does this, but when signing a partnership contract with a PR agency, make sure that the contract is clear and does not include misleading clauses.

If you are not happy with either party, let the agency know, maybe you can come to an agreement that suits you both. Everything can be discussed. But don’t sign texts that you are not sure about.

Trust Finzel as your PR and communications agency.

If you are looking for a communications agency in Madrid, Finzel would love to hear your story. Since 2003 we have been helping companies to better communicate their purpose and position themselves at the top of their niche. Whether you want to establish yourself nationally or expand your business across borders, we’ll help you make communication a non-problem.

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Agencia de relaciones públicas (RP)

Public Relations Agency (PR) – What is it and what is it for?

For a brand to have an impact on its customers and a good reputation, it is essential to take care of all aspects related to marketing and communication. In this sense, public relations agencies play a key role in achieving this goal. In this article we want you to know more about the functions of this type of agencies and the great importance they have for any company.

What is a public relations agency?

A public relations agency is the company in charge of managing the communication strategies of brands and, therefore, of taking care of their image and corporate identity.

The vision of a brand is one of the most important parts of a brand in order to be noticed by consumers, which is why these agencies are a vital part of any company.

Due to digital transformation, in today’s world consumers demand a much closer relationship with brands. Interaction through social networks, knowing the manufacturing process of each product or the intention of each service, taking into account the values of a brand… Customers need more information and interaction than ever and PR agencies must be there to meet these requests.

Public relations agency (Pr) 2

What are PR agencies for?

Communication and branding, as well as interaction with consumers, are three of the most important areas in which these agencies are active. But how do they do it? The functions of a public relations agency are multiple and well defined.

The functions of a public relations agency

On the one hand, they take care of everything to do with communication strategies, both internal and external. They will help the brand to clearly define its communication objectives and chart the right path to achieve them.

When creating an external communications strategy, agencies will always consider building, maintaining and improving the corporate image. These three pillars will be the basis for any idea.

In the field of communication, they are not only responsible for customer relations and good communication between all employees of the company, but also for the relationship between the brand and the media.

For a strategy to work and make sense, it must be based on good market research. And this is something that PR agencies will also take care of, analysing opinions and consumer trends.

Attending or organising events is very important for a brand to make itself known or to strengthen its reputation. These agencies will also be in charge of managing this type of meetings which, in the same way, can also be internal or external to the company.

Actions by PR agencies

Through their multiple functions, PR agencies are in charge of launching different marketing campaigns, publishing content on different networks, managing all brand events and communicating every step through internal and external press releases.

After all these actions, one of the most important will be to analyse the results obtained in each of them. Thanks to this, PR agencies will be able to identify trends or strategies that have not yielded the expected results and the reasons for this. In this way, more effective future strategies will be generated.

Why should you hire a PR agency?

Marketing trends are constantly changing, especially in the digital world in which we are currently immersed. If we do not leave the communication of our brand in the hands of experts, we will not achieve the desired results.

A PR agency knows the communications and marketing market inside out, so it will be able to design customised strategies that are appropriate to any company, its target audience and the time.

Delegating the different areas on which a brand is built to professionals is key to success.

There are two ways of working with PR professionals. On the one hand, it is possible to hire an external agency to handle the work and, on the other hand, it is possible to open a PR department within the company. However, it is also interesting to consider the option of collaborating with a PR agency externally, but in practice working as an internal body.

Finzel PR Agency, your best choice in Spain

If you have a company in Spain or want to expand your business in the country, you can count on our Finzel PR Agency Spain to achieve your communication objectives and reach a greater impact among consumers.

We are experts in global strategic communication and in our agency we combine all areas of communication in a comprehensive manner.

Whether you are a start-up or a large company, we adapt to your objectives so that you can continue to grow.

FINZEL PR | Communication and events agency

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