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Working in Public Relations, Where to Start?


You may have heard someone say they work in public relations, or PR as it is commonly known, so you may have wondered what a PR job is all about.

People who work in public relations are specialists in a set of strategic communications actions, dealing with the dissemination, prestige and positioning of a company’s or an individual’s public image through the use of marketing campaigns.

To do their job properly, a person who works in PR deals with public and private institutions, associations, influencers and companies, among others.


Studies to become a public relations officer

To get to work in PR, you can follow several paths, one of the most used being the Higher Degree in Marketing and Advertising, which has some advantages such as:

Practical component

The training to work in PR has a practical component, not only because of the internships in companies, but also because the official content of the syllabus promotes a highly practical learning.

Hold a degree in two years

Unlike other professional qualifications, in this case you can obtain a professional qualification in just two years and can enter the labour market quickly.

Increase in the number of recruitments

According to official SEPE data, the number of people with a Higher Degree in Marketing and Advertising has doubled in recent years; this is a clear indication of the interest of companies in this type of professional.

Academic continuity

A Higher Degree in Marketing and Advertising allows students to continue their training in other areas, obtaining higher qualifications and specialising in institutional communication.

In addition, iFP offers training in languages, technologies, professional skills and company contents, as a complement to the official contents of the Ministry of Education.

Activities to be carried out by a public relations officer

Consultancy in communication strategies and campaigns

It is about building the best strategy to reach the company’s target audience.

Media relations 

These are all the activities carried out by a press office to prepare and organize press conferences, manage publications and interviews with the various media.

Internal communication

Participation in internal company activities, e.g. internal magazine, conventions and intranet, internal communications network.

Integrated marketing communication

Sometimes a PR professional is in charge of managing the communications during the launch of a new product or service; they hire influencers, celebrities, make press calls, etc.

Online communication

Thanks to the rise of online communications, a PR professional must make optimal use of digital channels to communicate with the company’s target audience.

This can be done through websites, online press rooms or blogs.

Lobbying and institutional relations 

PR professionals are in charge of maintaining the institutional relations of the companies that hire them on good terms and are up to date on legislative and regulatory initiatives that may affect the company’s activity and its specific public.

Design, management and implementation of events

This is one of the areas in which a large number of public relations professionals are involved; it is an important aspect, as this is how the image of the brand is created, which will then enhance the success or failure of the company.

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