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What is a Press Release and What is it for?


From the first signs of communications processes to the present day, many things have changed and evolved; the emergence of social networks has favored a greater development of communications, as well as its expansion.

Social network platforms have been collaborators of the great moments of pop culture, and even many processes of political revolutions have been enhanced by the meeting of people through social networks.

Companies, today, continue to try to find the best ways to communicate with the public, discovering that press releases can be a good tool to consolidate their purposes and objectives.

What is a press release?

A press release is the instrument that allows announcing the presence of a new product or service, due to the ease it offers for its distribution in the main search engines, as well as the platforms of all the social networks.

In addition, a press release can be easily sent to journalists and the media in general; due to these characteristics, companies can send many press releases when needed.

They are used as an instrument for direct communication; through them, companies can easily communicate messages to their specific audience as well as to the general public.

An important detail to take into account is that although press releases are very effective, their duration is very short, so they need to be attended frequently.

Elements of a Press Release


The headline of a press release is the first indication of what the reader will find when reading it; it must be elaborated with words and phrases that capture the reader’s attention.

All words should be capitalized, except those with three letters or less, and should be no longer than 125 characters.

First paragraph

A good press release should include the 5 W’s; information indicating Who, How, Where and When should be clearly contained in every press release.

Experts recommend that a good press release should include a brief overview of the company and its products or services, links to social media platforms and the necessary contact information for journalists.

A press release is a brief news item that has been written by a public relations professional to send to specific members of the media.

It should contain all the required information from which a journalist can write and produce their story.

Tips on how to make a good press release


You should write about new and interesting topics that arouse curiosity about the announcements made.


Your content should be concise and precise, only one page.


Messages should be communicated in a dynamic, simple, interesting and easy to interpret way.


If you use an email to send a press release, it should be placed on the home page, never as an attachment.

Be objective

You should always use simple language, with no complicated phrases or words that are difficult for the public to understand.

No sales intentions

A press release should not be intended to sell anything, it is about providing information.


A press release must be optimized to the maximum, because in this way it can generate high traffic to your web page, besides favoring the increase in the page rank.

To achieve an excellent optimization, keywords should be used to facilitate the search.

Contact details

Placing the contact details is important when writing a press release; the data included should be, full name, phone number, email and mobile address.


It is important to proofread press releases to check that they are correct and that there are no errors of any kind; a release full of errors can damage everything else.

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