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Best PR agency in Spain – Where to find it?


PR agencies work on the existing links between the brand and its consumers with the aim of strengthening the brand’s values and image. They coordinate all the actions carried out by the brand at a communicative level.

Transmitting what a company is about is much easier with an PR agency, as external communication will be more effective as the focus will be on the consumer.

The best PR agency in Spain

The best PR agency in Spain is the one that keeps the construction and improvement of the corporate identity and image between its eyebrows at all times. Why? Because this is the basis for the communication strategy established to achieve objectives.

There is no strategy without planning that sows results. However, the search for and achievement of the right message, of expressing the idea clearly and creatively. Herein lies the difference between agencies: creativity and their community.

Reputation is enhanced by a series of interlinked actions that bring in the audience. The public recognises the brand or feels more and more identified, valuing the company more positively. This is when the objective is being achieved: the values have been communicated effectively, your audience is recognising you and, what’s more, they are trusting you.

Why do you need the best PR agency in Spain?

Public Relations is to strategically achieve the construction of mutual relationships in which both parties benefit. In other words, PR is the union of the brand or organisation, its public and the different communicative processes that take place between them.

These processes include communicative and unpredictable and spontaneous processes, which are highly positive, as there is an intentionality on the part of the public. The link is optimised and increases in value.

Therefore, every brand needs the best PR agency to enhance its image and identity in order to generate a reputation fuelled by its actions and level of involvement with its public. It is especially necessary when you are in a negative or unpleasant environment, an PR agency is the ideal ingredient to reverse the situation and generate a positive perception after a crisis.

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Our PR services in Spain

At Finzel PR we are experts in strategic communication and we like to work in coordination with the brand, focusing on its needs to obtain efficient and valid results.

For our part, we focus on the entire communication area with which we can work and transmit the brand’s know-how. Therefore, we work on both the relationship with the media and the brand’s own content published on social networks and/or blogs.

In the first instance, communicative coherence will be the first step for an organisation to be well valued and reputed, both among its public and in its sector.

Integrated communication services

Communication has a high value in the perception and raison d’être of any brand or company. Therefore, communication is a source that generates value and growth in the business.

The integration of this communication process is based on the coherence of the different elements that come into play: advertising, sales, the message and the tone with which it is transmitted, etc. All of these have to follow the same direction thanks to uniform integration, thus generating a greater and more positive impact.

Public Relations

In our public relations function, Finzel’s focus is on relationships with experts and people of some relevance in the industry. We work with shareholders, opinion leaders and customers themselves.

The success of any brand lies in the relationships it builds and maintains successfully year after year. For this reason, we work with all the publics involved in an organisation: from lobbies and employees to clients/partners and institutional relations.

Media Relations

As a PR agency, we are the necessary filter between the company and the media. Having a space, however brief it may be, in the media is an injection of visibility and reputation for the brand. Especially if the moment is used to transmit clear and direct information, whether in an advertising or informative space.

However, the drafting and distribution of press releases is essential for any organisation, as well as calling the appropriate press conferences to attract and interest the media.

In addition, it is important to maintain an analysis of the coverage that the competition receives in the media, which is why we carry out research and monitoring of each situation.

Digital Content

The message that is transmitted through the networks and the website is fundamental for a good brand positioning, much more at a digital level. Because with digital we reach much further.

We can establish strong relationships that would otherwise have been unthinkable. And in this communication process, which is driven by content marketing, the PR agency also takes care of providing all the corporate or informative content about the company to external media.

Event Management and Organisation

Event management, both internally and externally, is one of the strengths of a good PR agency. These events, each with its own specific objective, encourage connection and cooperation either among the team or with other brands thanks to a good logistical and organisational approach.

Notoriety is increased, as the corporate message and brand identity takes all the relevance in the event without having the idea of “immediate sale”.

All event management is planned in such a way that the target audience is correctly informed of all the details, so that no bad feelings or discomfort can be generated.

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What sets us apart from other PR agencies in Spain?

Our greatest asset is our 18 years of experience in the Spanish PR sector. This experience gives us a perfect knowledge of the Spanish market and the service and communication preferences of Spanish users. As a result, our communication campaigns connect excellently with users and achieve the desired effectiveness.

Our PR campaigns in Spain

We work throughout Spain, with companies from all sectors, as we have extensive experience collaborating with companies of all kinds and with the most diverse and daring communication campaigns. We have achieved great results with many companies, orienting their campaigns towards both the national and international markets.

Better and greater awareness for our clients in the Spanish market

Thanks to our extensive and experienced knowledge of the Spanish market and consumers, our communication campaigns manage to provide a more than notable increase in the awareness of the contracting brand. In addition, we manage to increase the trust and attachment of users and customers to the brand, thus increasing its value.

18 years of success, Finzel is your PR agency in Spain

As a pr agency in Spain we have a physical presence and offices in Madrid and Barcelona. Our clients are our motivation to keep fighting to build, maintain and improve their image and reputation. Our experience backs up our commitment to each project, generating unique communication strategies for each client, thinking only of their objectives and their obvious needs.

It’s not easy to entrust your brand to an external agency, but at Finzel PR we give our all in every challenge to achieve your goals. And once achieved, to surpass them. Because you never reach the ideal in communication. We are always on alert.

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