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Public relations tools: The boost that companies need


The solidity and effectiveness of any strategy lies in good public relations to be what you want to be and not to appear to be. And, in addition, knowing how to transmit it.
The public must know what is going on at all times, they must be aware of each of the company’s commitments. Good communication and organization are the key to differentiate the company from the rest.
For this reason, multiple and diverse tools come into play that generate and favor the creation of a brand image with the aim of positioning itself among the audience and, therefore, increasing the company’s reputation.

The importance of public relations tools

Working with public relations tools paves the way to success with every action. With these tools, each company will be able to know how it is being perceived, at what stage it is at or, on the contrary, to start correcting possible errors of perception.

PR tools worth investing in

The choice of tools will depend on the previously defined strategy, as well as on the objectives to be achieved and the real needs of the company. Nowadays, the public tends to compare more and more and competition is growing.
But not everyone has the best tools to dye color and attract attention. Find out which tools will transform your company:

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The most effective solution to maintain correct communication. This tool is a grammar checker that can solve the writing of many texts, eliminating errors and proposing more correct or appropriate phrases and expressions.
This tool has extensions compatible with websites where you can perform the review directly and online. Some of these websites are Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn and even WordPress, among others.
The best text in English is achieved with Grammarly, the app that will avoid bad impressions and typos that every company will want to avoid. With Grammarly we are saved!


HARO, or Help A Reporter Out, provides the ability to become a source to generate media coverage. In this way, journalists search HARO for expert sources on specific topics, who receive three opportunities per day on related topics.
Thus, it becomes an excellent tool to be recognized in the industry by being treated as an expert source. Continued and positive use will promote media coverage along with target audience recognition.


Ahrefs is one of the most important all-rounder tools for the quality (and quantity) of information it can offer. Through its interface, you can create lists of media, companies and competitors with business opportunities.
To do this, it is useful to know the sector’s benchmarks, which brands are associated with them, why they are so important, etc. Thus, Ahrefs offers the possibility of knowing these associations or links between online brands and see in them an opportunity.
This opportunity is materialized with the data provided by Ahrefs, such as the Domain Authority of each website or the analysis or status of the backlinks of these same web pages. All this provides valuable information to establish clear objectives and define, even more, the strategy.

Media Relations

Maintaining a good and correct relationship with journalists will facilitate the coverage of events and information that, at the media level, can boost the company’s activity.
For this, journalists are the main part of the relationship because they are the ones who will highlight what they perceive after the meeting, the event or if a simple press release has caught their attention. Otherwise, it will be of little use to call or send e-mails to media that do not even know you exist.
However, the relationship with the media is always a “yours-mine” in which both parties should benefit. Good planning can establish an appropriate relationship with the journalists who are most interested in dealing with certain topics, always being the main contact with whom to develop each action.
Reports, analysis, interviews and presentation of products or services, initiatives or social responsibility actions are some of the topics that can cause interest in the media.
However, LinkedIn can become the professional network in which to establish relationships with journalists or people with certain influence in the media. Always with a clear intention towards the sector to which the company belongs, establishing a very valuable network of contacts.

Public relations is more than press releases and crisis communications

The brand image is nourished day by day, so every action can be as good as harmful for the company. Thus, public relations establishes short-term reaction guidelines if necessary, although it will always prevail that such negative actions are not executed.
A press conference or a product presentation is also good for public relations, since each event facilitates contact with the press, managers or other related publics in the sector.

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