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The importance of defining a content strategy


You’ve probably heard the phrase: “Content is king”. It’s used a lot in the marketing world. It was said by none other than Bill Gates in 1996, and it’s as relevant as ever.

But where does the importance of content generation for brands lie, and what do you need to consider in order to create an effective content strategy? Here are the keys to these two questions.

What is a content strategy?

In the marketing department of any company or in any marketing agency, the planning of a good content strategy is a must. This encompasses everything related to the planning, development, management, distribution and analysis of content.

Content marketing

What do you want to communicate? What is your value?

A content strategy can have different objectives such as: improve brand positioning, increase sales, generate authority and trust…

It is very important that you decide your objective before starting to draw the strategic plan, we must be clear about the purpose you want to achieve with the content.

This will help you to focus on the type of content you want to transmit and even on which is the best platform to do so: social networks, blog, YouTube…

Along with the purpose of our content, we must also establish what we want to bring to our audience with the content we generate, i.e., what value we want to convey. This is very important because it will be key for our content not to go unnoticed.

Perhaps we want to generate informative content related to our niche, or more relaxed and entertaining content. We will have to choose depending on our style and target, but without a doubt, the content must provide value.

Strategic plan

Adopt content and language in line with your target audience.

We have already seen how our content must have a purpose and a value. Well, it must also have a style. This element will depend a lot, just like the value, on the target you want to address.

There are buyers who are more receptive to a more casual tone and others who are more receptive to formal and serious content. Recreate your target’s profile very well and analyse the tone that best suits them. Write content along these lines and you will see how well it works.

Follow the same “discourse” in all communication channels.

This part is very important. To connect well with your target and get their attention and even their loyalty, it is very important to have a solid and homogeneous discourse in all the channels through which you have decided to communicate your message.

ou should not confuse your audience with messages that contradict each other in both content and form. Creating a consistent message will help your customers identify you in the crowd. In these cases, design plays a key role in achieving this distinction. In film we find very good examples of this, for example with Tarantino. You will always be able to identify that a film is his, no matter what scene is shown.

In the case of your brand it must be the same, you must give it personality.

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