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Public relations to successfully promote a major event


Planning is the strength of public relations, and an event requires careful, intensive and successful planning to keep people talking about it for days afterwards.

Events are about creating intrigue, interest and image enhancement.

The importance of PR in the organisation of events

Public relations is the ally that every CEO wants for their company, as they are responsible for the design and production of events with a defined objective. At all times, needs are established and possible problems that may arise are identified in order to try to resolve them with the minimum of consequences.

Intensive planning

An event is a tool of great communicative value due to the great impact it can have on the marketing and communication strategy.

When it comes to planning, the objectives are established and what is to be achieved with the event, choosing a significant date that is carefully selected so that it does not coincide with relevant events that may affect the target audience.

Therefore, having everything planned, programmed and clear is the first step for the event to flow successfully. The actions must be detailed and assigned according to what you want to achieve with each one of them, how they are going to be carried out and at what time.

Successful promotion

Good communication and dissemination is the prelude to a great event. The important ones, the ones that are told anecdotally and are not easily forgotten. In order to achieve this, communication tools and deadlines are essential for the target audience to grasp the message and be able to attend.

Teamwork and good organisation, the fundamentals of public relations, will govern the way forward so that everything is under control and to avoid unforeseen events.

Increased awareness

The good planning of an event, with a good development, increases brand awareness and boosts reputation. Why? Because experiences are much more important than any copy or advertising campaign, and the dissemination and entertainment generated by events on social media are also experiences for all those targets who have not been able to attend the event.

For this reason it is important to broadcast the event in streaming and post the video of the event on your website, so that all those who were unable to attend can watch it on a recorded version.

difference between public relations and publicity
Public relations to successfully promote a major event

How does a PR agency help to promote an event?

The event is the desired challenge for every PR agency. Every event is based on a story that will be the common thread to attract the different audiences and stakeholders present.

The brand philosophy will be in line with the event, transmitting the desired image and the established values.

Creating and nurturing an online community

Creating a community can be easy, but maintaining it every day is the task of public relations to create an environment in which information can be shared quickly and easily.

A community provides content, ideas to discuss and becomes a very important source for the brand to know directly what its followers or customers think. Sharing information is to boost the brand image.

Creating and distributing content

Creating content for the event means using imagination so that it is not just another event. It is about creating new channels or alternatives that generate impact by taking advantage of social networks and their potential.

Direct and constant contact will be fundamental to successfully develop a digital event, or a face-to-face event that can also be experienced online.

Channelling requests for more information

The shop window is the event of a brand or company, so a space is created in which every opportunity should be taken to clear up doubts and solve problems that may arise among the public.

Information is the most important thing and in any event the image of a reference and authority in the sector must be reinforced, providing advice and curiosities that support the argument. These actions will generate interest in those who do not know the brand and each question or request for information will have to be dealt with in a personalised and direct way in order to offer a positive image.

Promoting variety

An event is an impressive source of content to be able to generate relevant topics that, a priori, did not have a certain relevance. An open event is much more enriching than a closed event in which you stick exactly to the established programme.

Variety is the spice of life and being able to maintain engagement with the audience thanks to the presence of different personalities makes the event attractive.

Attracting the media

The event has to be on everyone’s lips and, moreover, on the lips of all communication professionals. All the media must be involved in the event, not forgetting the influencers or influential people in the sector.

Being able to count on the presence of these media can significantly increase the public’s perception, providing information from another point of view and approach that can be attractive.

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