Cómo saber si tu agencia RP es la correcta 3

How do you know if your PR agency is the right one?


The work of a communications and events agency is fundamental to guarantee the good marketing of a company and to take care of the public’s vision of it. That is why, as a brand, it is very important that you hire a public relations agency that understands your company’s needs and does quality work. How do you do it? Here we will give you some important indications so that you know what are the key points that a PR agency should fulfil.

The importance of PR agencies within a company

Communication tasks require extensive knowledge of marketing, advertising, public relations and positioning. All these areas need to be carried out by a group of people who are experts in each of them and who have the ability to keep up to date and know them inside out.

Moreover, it is not enough to have one or two people. This sector requires a great deal of coordinated and professional teamwork. PR agencies will be the ones to provide you with everything you need in this regard.

Thanks to the services of such agencies, you as a brand can have everything you need to communicate properly and strengthen your company’s presence. Otherwise, there will always be something left undone or unpolished and the desired objectives will not be achieved.

Areas handled by public relations agencies

On the one hand, public relations agencies will take care of all aspects of your company’s communication. From external communication with consumers and the media to internal communication with employees.

Publications on social networks, blog articles, press releases, interviews, media appearances, internet positioning. All these actions are the main areas of action for this type of agency.

On the other hand, they are also in charge of organising events and taking care of the brand’s image when it is invited to an event.

In order to be successful in these areas, public relations agencies have another line of action, that of market analysis. In order to make a good impression as a brand on the public and to select the most appropriate image, it is necessary to carry out a detailed study of the target audience, the goals to be achieved by the company and the results obtained by implementing a strategy.

Cómo saber si tu agencia RP es la correcta 2

Essential characteristics

When you google the word PR agency on the internet, you will get a lot of results and options to choose from. At first, you may not find any difference between them beyond the aesthetics of their website. However, there are some fundamental elements that every company of this type should comply with and not all of them do. That’s why we want to help you differentiate a good job.

Even if you are already working with such an agency, these tips will help you to know if you have made the right choice.

The PR agency should manage your context and market

Prior to the implementation or planning of any strategy, any PR agency you work with should carry out a market study of your sector. This analysis will allow you to analyse your target audience, the niches into which your market is divided, the competition and the reactions that will occur in order to anticipate them. A good study of all these variables will guarantee a much more effective strategy.

The PR agency must update its database

An up-to-date database will be the beginning of all good work for any PR agency or media agency. The database is the place where all the information and contact details of editors, photographers, reporters or media outlets they may work with are stored. For the database to be complete, one person must be responsible for keeping it up to date.

The PR agency must have the ability to reach the target market.

As we mentioned before, one of the most important functions of any PR agency is to define well the target audience, also known as target market. But what do we mean by this name?

The target is the potential public, any customer or audience that may be interested in the products or services of a company. Therefore, when we talk about target audience, we refer to a specific group of people who, due to their characteristics, have a high chance of becoming a customer.

All advertising campaigns, publications and interaction in networks must be oriented towards this target audience and public relations agencies have to get close to them and connect.

Research their success stories to find out more about their methodology.

Before trusting any PR agency it will be important to research what their previous work has been and what they have achieved with it. This is a way of finding out if their style fits what we are looking for, as well as what kind of niches they have worked with the most.

This information is usually available on their website, but if you can’t find it, you can always contact the brand and ask them.

Cómo saber si tu agencia RP es la correcta 3

Study their submitted proposals carefully

When you ask for a quote or a strategy proposal, don’t take the first thing you are presented with or the first agency you approach. Our first advice is to make a selection of those agencies that have caught your attention or convinced you the most, send them a request for proposal and then analyse each one of them.

Don’t just be guided by the price, but also analyse everything they include and the level of professionalism in each one of them. Study if they adapt to what you are looking for and everything they have transmitted to you.

Observe whether there is good and constant communication between the two.

When you entrust your brand communication to a company, it is very important that the communication between you is fluid and clear. If you can’t have a fruitful relationship with each other, how can you have a fruitful relationship with your customers?

It is necessary for the agency to give you all its impressions of your company as well as all the progress and difficulties. In the same way, it is also essential that you communicate your concerns and doubts.

The PR agency contract must be transparent and without small print.

Not everyone does this, but when signing a partnership contract with a PR agency, make sure that the contract is clear and does not include misleading clauses.

If you are not happy with either party, let the agency know, maybe you can come to an agreement that suits you both. Everything can be discussed. But don’t sign texts that you are not sure about.

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