Comunicar Después de una Crisis de Relaciones Públicas

Communicating After a Public Relations Crisis


As we already know, public relations is one of the fundamental pillars for the optimal functioning of a company or organization.
However, sometimes there are problems that directly affect the proper development of public relations, bringing among other consequences the outbreak of crises in these departments.
In a crisis situation in a company or organization, it is important to know how to respond correctly to the problem, since an adequate and assertive behavior will allow the public to maintain the good image and opinion they have of the company.

When does a public relations crisis occur?

The word crisis is a term that is not wanted to be used in any organization; but sometimes it is inevitable that a crisis situation occurs in the public relations of a company.
In those moments, all the attention and dedication of the staff is focused on finding the best mechanisms and alternatives so that everything returns to normal, with the lowest percentage of negative impact on the organization.
Once the crisis is controlled and over, it is important to focus on a deeper work to restore and strengthen again the image of the organization, as well as to reinforce its prestige in the eyes of the public.
Actually, when it is discovered that a crisis is occurring in public relations, very seldom time is dedicated to look for the causes of the inconvenience, because everyone is concerned, focusing their work and effort on solving the contingency as soon as possible.
It is possible that after everything is over and under control, some time is devoted to try to find and establish the probable causes that originated the crisis; however, sometimes this is not achieved and questions remain without an adequate and satisfactory answer.

Once the PR crisis is over

When a public relations crisis in a company or organization has ended satisfactorily, the ideal is to analyze in depth the possible causes that originated this inconvenience, in order to implement corrective measures if necessary and thus avoid the recurrence of crises in the future.

Restoring the organization’s public image

For a company or organization, a good public image is essential for its good positioning and positioning among the public’s preferences.
It is important to restore and improve the organization’s image when a public relations crisis has been overcome.
A public relations crisis can be the appropriate moment to show new leadership, which allows renewing and refreshing the image of the organization in general.

Reinforcing the reputation with the public

The public is the primary target of any organization or company, so that after a public relations crisis, it is essential to reinforce the reputation and prestige of the brand with the public.
It is important to maintain communication with both the public and the employees, as well as to fulfill the promises or commitments that have been agreed upon, in a satisfactory manner for all.
Likewise, any aspect or circumstance that is considered important or necessary must be followed up.

Tips for post-crisis management

  • It is important to make a detailed report to analyze all the events that occurred during the crisis, including the mentions that have appeared in social networks.
  • If promises of any kind were made to employees or the general public during the crisis, it is essential to fulfill them. These actions must be reported as having been carried out.
  • If there are potential new leaders in the organization, the moment of crisis is, paradoxically, the most appropriate time to introduce them and make them stand out; they must be people of good character, fully committed to the organization.
  • One of the priorities is to rebuild and repair any relationship that has been damaged in any way when the crisis arose; bridges must be kept in optimal conditions, therefore, if they are broken or damaged, they must be repaired promptly and effectively.
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