The future of public relations

The future of public relations


2020 and 2021 have been a challenge for the vast majority of business sectors. Many changes and adaptations have had to be made in order to move forward. In this article we look back at how these two years have changed the work and dynamics of PR agencies and what the future holds.

Public relations in the post-covid era

One of the main consequences of the pandemic for PR and any communications agency has been the acceleration of digital transformation. Agencies have seen how they needed to have a faster response time to their clients’ uncertain situations, and having a digitised team was essential to act effectively.

On the other hand, because of the pandemic, agencies put the consumer at the centre of their strategies, which has resulted in them taking on a more human and empathetic tone.

A commitment to truthfulness has also become the roadmap for many PR agencies because of the fake news that proliferated, especially during the early stages of the pandemic.

In short, agencies have become much more digitised, more human, and work with brands that are much more committed to the truth of the message.

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What we have learned from confinement and teleworking

The pandemic has shown companies that including telework in their dynamics can be worthwhile. Before the health crisis, companies were very reluctant to let their staff work from home. Now, however, they have seen the benefits.

The inclusion of this new way of working in many corporations has changed the dynamics of work and many companies prefer to work by objectives rather than by hours.

In addition, teleworking is also a great cost-saving option. Especially for small and medium-sized companies this is a great benefit.

It also has great advantages for employees, as it allows them to have more flexibility at work and to better reconcile their personal and professional lives.

New platforms and ways of communicating

Renew or die. This is the phrase that has accompanied brands throughout this season. Those that have been able to adapt and generate new formats have been the ones that have triumphed. Among the new means of communication are telematic press conferences, the creation of online events, streamings, webinars and workshops.

All these platforms have made it possible to continue with the agenda that was planned in the world of marketing and communication.

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How to adapt to this new era

In order to adapt as a company to all these changes brought about by the healthcare crisis, it is essential not to fall behind in terms of the digital transformation of the business and to put the customer at the centre of any communication strategy.

Transparency has positioned itself as one of the most important values that brands can have, so it will be more of a priority than ever to incorporate it into your marketing strategy to increase the trust of your audience.

But, without a doubt, the pandemic has shown once again that companies that are flexible and adapt to the environment are the ones that end up lasting over time. Don’t create rigid strategies, leave room for the unexpected and adapt to the circumstances as they arise.

PR agencies and how they help in this purpose

Having a public relations agency in your company is of great help in dealing with all these elements that we have discussed in this post.

PR agencies have experience in crisis management, and during the crisis we have been through, they have been the ones who have helped companies to convey the right content and adapt it to the circumstances.

At Finzel, we have experienced this first-hand. Many of the companies we worked with were starting to worry about how they would manage communication at that stage. We were able to help them stay ahead of the curve in their industry.

If you want your company to stay strong no matter what, we can help you. We will draw up a communication plan that is appropriate to your situation and your objectives, as well as to the possible setbacks that may arise.

We may not know what the future holds, but we must lay the groundwork to be prepared for it. A public relations agency like us can help you do this.

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