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Success stories: your best advertising


Success stories are one of the most successful pieces of content in the final phase of the sales funnel. They are very useful for converting leads that are very close to the purchase stage.

The problem with this type of content is that the public is tired of always hearing the same thing. Therefore, it will be important to show your differences and be creative. In this article we will give you some ideas on how to present success stories in a way that is attractive, real and reflects the results of your business.

What are success stories?

Success stories are a very specific type of content that consists of presenting stories about real cases of customers who have had successful experiences with the brand.

However, the intention of this content is not to communicate the company’s performance in graphs, but to excite through the telling of a real story. Success stories should be inspirational stories with a good storytelling behind them.

The objective of this content is to inspire other customers so that they also trust the brand to solve a need. In other words, through success stories, brands aim to clear the indecision that some customers may have in the last phase of the sales funnel.

Although this type of content is more commonly used by B2B companies, nothing prevents a B2C company from including it in its sales strategies.

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Highlight your method and differentiate yourself from the competition.

One of the keys to the storytelling of any success story is to highlight what makes you unique. There are many companies like yours that could solve the problem that consumers have, why should they choose you out of the crowd?

To do this, analyse your most direct competition and extract those aspects that differentiate you. Perhaps your offer is cheaper, solves the problem faster, or offers a more personalised product or service.

At the end of the sales funnel, consumers already know what you are selling. It’s time to highlight how you sell it.

Build trust with a real story

One of the mistakes that many brands make is to convey opinions that are given by the media or people without an image to identify them with. Although you don’t have to abandon this in your strategy, if you don’t combine it with opinions from identifiable people, with names, surnames and an image, you won’t create enough closeness with the public.

Consumers need to see real people, who look like them and who have tried the product or service you want to sell. They need to identify with them and know that what you are telling them is real.

And it’s not enough with just a three-line commentary. Success stories tell a story, a real story.

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Give transparency and get closer to your customers.

Passing on real stories about real customers will not only offer closeness and authority to your brand, but will also convey transparency, thus increasing trust.

For complete transparency, it is important that you contact customers who have used your products or services to tell you about their experience. They will give you a lot of insights that you may not have thought of. Once you have their insights, ask them if they want you to include them in your success stories. I’m sure they won’t refuse.

Emphasise results, show what you are capable of.

In addition to showing the actual experience of your customers, it is very important to highlight the results they have obtained by using your product or service. This will be one of the most important parts of your success stories. Don’t just focus on what has solved what you offer, but also on how.

If you think that as a company you need help in that sense, turning to a communications agency or a public relations agency is a great option. In fact, as a PR agency in Spain, we have helped many brands to convey their strengths through the writing of success stories with great storytelling behind them. You can count on us to communicate the results of your brand to the consumer in an effective way!

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