Agencia de relaciones públicas (RP)

Public Relations Agency (PR) – What is it and what is it for?


For a brand to have an impact on its customers and a good reputation, it is essential to take care of all aspects related to marketing and communication. In this sense, public relations agencies play a key role in achieving this goal. In this article we want you to know more about the functions of this type of agencies and the great importance they have for any company.

What is a public relations agency?

A public relations agency is the company in charge of managing the communication strategies of brands and, therefore, of taking care of their image and corporate identity.

The vision of a brand is one of the most important parts of a brand in order to be noticed by consumers, which is why these agencies are a vital part of any company.

Due to digital transformation, in today’s world consumers demand a much closer relationship with brands. Interaction through social networks, knowing the manufacturing process of each product or the intention of each service, taking into account the values of a brand… Customers need more information and interaction than ever and PR agencies must be there to meet these requests.

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What are PR agencies for?

Communication and branding, as well as interaction with consumers, are three of the most important areas in which these agencies are active. But how do they do it? The functions of a public relations agency are multiple and well defined.

The functions of a public relations agency

On the one hand, they take care of everything to do with communication strategies, both internal and external. They will help the brand to clearly define its communication objectives and chart the right path to achieve them.

When creating an external communications strategy, agencies will always consider building, maintaining and improving the corporate image. These three pillars will be the basis for any idea.

In the field of communication, they are not only responsible for customer relations and good communication between all employees of the company, but also for the relationship between the brand and the media.

For a strategy to work and make sense, it must be based on good market research. And this is something that PR agencies will also take care of, analysing opinions and consumer trends.

Attending or organising events is very important for a brand to make itself known or to strengthen its reputation. These agencies will also be in charge of managing this type of meetings which, in the same way, can also be internal or external to the company.

Actions by PR agencies

Through their multiple functions, PR agencies are in charge of launching different marketing campaigns, publishing content on different networks, managing all brand events and communicating every step through internal and external press releases.

After all these actions, one of the most important will be to analyse the results obtained in each of them. Thanks to this, PR agencies will be able to identify trends or strategies that have not yielded the expected results and the reasons for this. In this way, more effective future strategies will be generated.

Why should you hire a PR agency?

Marketing trends are constantly changing, especially in the digital world in which we are currently immersed. If we do not leave the communication of our brand in the hands of experts, we will not achieve the desired results.

A PR agency knows the communications and marketing market inside out, so it will be able to design customised strategies that are appropriate to any company, its target audience and the time.

Delegating the different areas on which a brand is built to professionals is key to success.

There are two ways of working with PR professionals. On the one hand, it is possible to hire an external agency to handle the work and, on the other hand, it is possible to open a PR department within the company. However, it is also interesting to consider the option of collaborating with a PR agency externally, but in practice working as an internal body.

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