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The world moves through communications and the relationships between individuals, companies, or businesses.

Public relations are essential for the proper development of these interactions and to ensure that the desired outcomes by the involved parties are obtained, promoting their development, growth, and progress.

Public relations, or PR, are strategic communication processes, aimed at building and consolidating mutually beneficial relationships between business organizations or businesses and their public or clients.

Every company or business needs to establish prestige and positioning to achieve success and thrive. As it grows, it’s crucial to highlight and reaffirm its presence in its sector.

PR in Marseille is dedicated to uniquely emphasizing each company, in the contexts where it develops its activities and where it seeks to gain recognition and positioning.


How to choose the best PR agency for you in Marseille?

To select the ideal PR agency that fits your needs and expectations in Marseille, it is fundamental to carry out thorough and detailed research. Moreover, it is advisable to be patient during this process, in order to ensure making an informed and correct decision.

The main purpose of any company or business when opting for a digital public relations agency is to have a team of experts who, in addition to providing advice, are responsible for effectively communicating the brand’s, product’s, or service’s message.

It is essential that the chosen PR agency contributes to enhancing the positioning, image, and reputation of the company or entity. They must also strive to maintain an optimal and enduring relationship between the company and the media in Marseille.

Our PR service in Marseille

Finzel PR is a firm that offers a wide range of public relations services in Marseille.

Our main task is to offer personalized attention to clients who come to us, guaranteeing them support in the achievement of their goals and objectives with success and recognition in the Marseille region.


Our services

Media relations

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Research and development of target media lists
Press release writing and distribution
Organization of interviews and press conferences
Event management and organization
Development and distribution of articles and case studies

Online Press Rooms


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Public relations agency
Institutional Relations
Customer/Partner Relationships
Organization of events
Employee relations
Internal communication
Newsletters y boletines


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Training of press spokespersons
Press release writing and distribution
Speaker training


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Market reports
Graphic design and creativity
Support for advertising insertion
Contests and promotions

Digital Communication

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Social Media
Corporate Blogs
Online Community Forums
Digital newsletters
Podcasts and videocasts


Web Content Management
Translation, editing and proofreading of local language versions of web pages

We have extensive experience in the PR market in Marseille

The years dedicated to providing public relations services in Marseille have granted us profound knowledge in this area, establishing us as a reference agency for companies, businesses, emerging entrepreneurs, and, in general, for all those who seek to enhance and nourish their public relations for various goals and purposes.

What sets us apart from other PR agencies in Marseille?

The accumulated experience, the unwavering dedication of our team, and the commitment to ensure the satisfaction of our clients are factors that distinguish Finzel PR from other public relations agencies in Marseille.

The spirit of work and enthusiasm that characterizes our team at Finzel PR positions us, without a doubt, as one of the best public relations agencies in France.

We offer and provide PR services for companies, businesses, and anyone who needs to stand out through these strategies in Marseille.

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