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You might have heard the term “Public Relations”. You might wonder what it really means.

Public Relations (PR) involve fostering effective communication and collaboration between an organization, business or enterprise, and its audience or clients.

Every commercial entity needs to project an image or “face” in the market or towards any partner it wishes to establish commercial or financial links with.

Studied since the early 20th century, PR has approximately 100 years of history.

Originating in the United States, PR emerged from the need for companies to communicate with their public, thereby forming a favorable image. Now, Finzel PR brings this opportunity to Germany, in the heart of Europe.


How to Choose the Ideal PR Agency in Germany?

Before deciding on a PR agency in Germany, consider several key factors that this agency should offer, ensuring that their efforts and work deliver successful results and meet your expectations.

When looking for a public relations agency in Germany, it is crucial to define your goals and expectations, to guide your choice based on these criteria.


Essential Characteristics of a Public Relations Agency in Germany:

  • Knowledge of the German market
  • Innovation
  • Strategic planning
  • A professional and competent team
  • Corporate values
  • Commitment and customer service
  • Proven experience with German clients
  • Return on investment

Our Public Relations Services in Germany

Finzel PR, now present in Germany, has extensive experience in PR. Our goal is to offer a wide range of public relations and digital content services, tailored to each client.

We direct our services to companies, businesses, and global organizations from various sectors.

With headquarters in Madrid and offices in Barcelona and Lisbon, Portugal, we have solid experience in the German PR market.

Our services

Media relations

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Research and development of target media lists
Press release writing and distribution
Organization of interviews and press conferences
Event management and organization
Development and distribution of articles and case studies

Online Press Rooms


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Public relations agency
Institutional Relations
Customer/Partner Relationships
Organization of events
Employee relations
Internal communication
Newsletters y boletines


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Training of press spokespersons
Press release writing and distribution
Speaker training


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Market reports
Graphic design and creativity
Support for advertising insertion
Contests and promotions

Digital Communication

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Social Media
Corporate Blogs
Online Community Forums
Digital newsletters
Podcasts and videocasts


Web Content Management
Translation, editing and proofreading of local language versions of web pages

We Possess Extensive Experience in the German PR Market

Finzel PR has been in the PR market for nearly 20 years, positioning us as a key reference in advising and developing customized PR programs for our clients.

We support companies of all sizes, from entrepreneurs to large corporations, in connecting with their desired public.

We also collaborate with influencers in the German market to achieve objectives such as improving their local presence.

What Makes Us Unique Among PR Agencies in Germany?

The variety of PR services that Finzel PR offers, along with our experience and dedication, sets us apart from other public relations agencies in Germany.

Finzel PR is ready to collaborate with your company, strengthening your relations with the media and elevating the profile of your business.

We also provide public relations services for interaction with shareholders, opinion leaders, employees, partners, and clients.

We include digital communication among our services, using social networks, websites, blogs, and more.

If you belong to a company or entity and are looking for the best PR service in Germany, contact Finzel PR.

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