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Since the dawn of civilization, humans have sought to establish communication channels and understanding to achieve goals and materialize visions.

Public relations, or PR as commonly referred to, are essential tools for the optimal functioning of the business and commercial world.

In large corporations and renowned companies, for instance, the communications director is in charge of devising and executing cohesive strategies that result in clear and unified communication at all levels.

PR can be described as a set of planned actions, executed over a specific period, with the purpose of cultivating ties, promoting relationships, and establishing communication channels between the different groups they target.

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How to choose the best PR agency for you in Bordeaux?

Choosing the best PR agency for you in Bordeaux is no easy task. Some believe that selecting a public relations agency is as complex as choosing a life partner.

To make the right decision, it is crucial to consider multiple aspects and have the necessary patience to determine which agency aligns best with your goals and those of your company or business.

A mistake in choosing the PR agency, beyond meaning a useless financial outlay, can lead to a loss of time. Furthermore, errors can carry consequences that may be difficult to correct.


Important factors to consider when choosing a PR agency in Bordeaux:

  • The experience of the agency and its team.
  • Their specialization in the field of PR.
  • The retention and satisfaction of their current clients.
  • The quality-price ratio of their services.
  • Whether your client profile aligns with that of the agency.

Our public relations service in Bordeaux

Finzel PR, as a public relations agency in France, is a company with an extensive trajectory in the field of PR and we have an office in the city of Bordeaux.

From this location, we are prepared to serve both large companies and corporations that require public relations services, as well as entrepreneurs or individuals who, for various reasons, wish to work with a trustworthy public relations agency.

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Our services

Media relations

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Research and development of target media lists
Press release writing and distribution
Organization of interviews and press conferences
Event management and organization
Development and distribution of articles and case studies

Online Press Rooms


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Public relations agency
Institutional Relations
Customer/Partner Relationships
Organization of events
Employee relations
Internal communication
Newsletters y boletines


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Training of press spokespersons
Press release writing and distribution
Speaker training


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Market reports
Graphic design and creativity
Support for advertising insertion
Contests and promotions

Digital Communication

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Social Media
Corporate Blogs
Online Community Forums
Digital newsletters
Podcasts and videocasts


Web Content Management
Translation, editing and proofreading of local language versions of web pages
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We possess extensive experience in the PR market in Bordeaux

Finzel PR, as a public relations agency, has an established track record of almost 20 years, executing projects in the field of public relations in Bordeaux.

Over these years, we have solidified our position thanks to the continuous training of our team, selecting the most expert specialists to serve our clients. This ensures that they always achieve the best results, fulfilling their expectations and achieving their total satisfaction.

What sets us apart from other PR agencies in Bordeaux?

In addition to our experience and commitment to clients who come to request the public relations services offered by Finzel PR in Bordeaux, our sense of responsibility, work ethic, and the desire that our clients have the best options and alternatives to successfully carry out their public relations, allow us to stand out significantly from other PR firms in the locality.

Finzel PR Bordeaux always offers its clients personalized and unique attention so that they feel comfortable, well attended at all times, and pleased with the results obtained over time.

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