El marketing frente a las relaciones públicas

Marketing vs. public relations


Marketing, advertising and public relations go hand in hand. But they are not the same thing. Within the same field, the work of public relations is based on creating and generating links that bring benefits to both parties.

However, once the difference is established, it will be important to know how to effectively translate and apply public relations in marketing as a communication and promotion tool.

The marketing

El principal objetivo del marketing es convertir a desconocidos en seguidores de la marca, generar clientes potenciales a través de campañas publicitarias que impulsen las conversiones. El fin último es conseguir nuevos clientes, atraer la atención con mensajes simples y directos y que, además, estos consumidores sean de calidad.

Un consumidor de calidad es aquel que va a consumir constantemente la marca.

Public relations

Public relations, on the other hand, involves long-term planning and development with the aim of generating and increasing the credibility of the brand, improving the image projected both in the public and in the company’s own environment.

Thus, brand awareness is worked on, enhancing values and developing powerful public relations campaigns for the effects they cause in the long term. This is when the sales funnel comes into play.

A solid communication achieves better performance, both in the short and long term and through each independent campaign.

Marketing vs. Public Relations: Different Schools of Thought

In order to differentiate between the two concepts, it should be noted that marketing works on the positioning of certain products or services, while public relations is in charge of improving the public’s perception of the brand. Beyond its products or services.

However, the union of marketing and public relations could be the trigger for success in any company or brand that bets on these communication tools. To embrace the known and explore the unknown in order to attract new customers and generate a community based on experience and brand awareness.

Combining the two for success

In communication, coordination is of vital importance for each campaign to be consistent with the other, while each manager must be aware of the development of both campaigns at all times.

Teamwork is the basis for success, and being able to collaborate and generate meaningful content on both sides is what determines the success of both PR and marketing campaigns. In this way, potential customers are generated and the brand image is boosted.

Creating a hybrid

Marketing and public relations strategies and actions are as similar as they are different, since the effort in each field depends on the sales funnel. However, being clear about the differentiation between the two, being able to work together and hybridize both disciplines allows to achieve the final objectives.

Relationship management

Public relations manages all the relationships that encompass a brand, enhancing links and strengthening consumer or stakeholder engagement through actions and events that involve the public directly.

The idea is to share with the customer all relevant changes and information, in order to make him/her participate and feel part of the brand. This generates commitment, reputation, trust and loyalty.

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