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This November 2021 is a very special month for FINZEL PR… We are celebrating 18 years as an PR agency in Spain and Portugal! Although it is a very important milestone, we believe that the most important thing is not so much the age we have reached, but the fact that we are still here.

Our beginnings

Finzel Public Relations was founded in Madrid in 2003 by Piers Finzel, a consultant with many years of experience in the local and international corporate communications sector. The agency was created in response to demand from partner agencies in other European markets, who needed support in Spain as part of the international campaigns they were running for their clients. This is the cornerstone of the services Finzel PR has been providing ever since.

As always, the beginnings were a bit hard, and the road has not been without difficulties, but with hard work and determination, we have managed to get to where we are today. The most important thing is always to believe in oneself and in one’s abilities, to have faith in a project and to know how to get up, even if it is hard, after suffering a failure, if you start from that base you have already gone half way.


It all began as a simple dream, then it was presented as a project and little by little it has grown to become a public relations agency recognised in the sector and with some very present values that are its hallmark: honesty, effort, quality and proximity. Today, all our hard work and dedication have borne fruit, and we can proudly say that we are extremely satisfied with our achievements.

Over the years, Finzel PR has experienced exponential growth and has developed extensive expertise in the areas of Technology & Industry, Healthcare, Education, Financial Services as well as Travel & Tourism. Operating from Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon, Finzel PR’s team of senior consultants is fully multilingual and can offer clients a totally objective view and understanding of the professional and consumer markets in both Spain and Portugal.

The agency’s commitment and dedication to its clients is total. The closeness, constant communication and the effort of all of us to meet their expectations is our priority, and this is reflected in the results and therefore in the loyalty of our clients, some of whom have been with us for a whopping 15 years!

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Getting to the finish line is easy, the hard part is staying there. When we started this journey as an PR agency in Madrid, we didn’t know how far we would go or how we would do it. Our steps have been slow, but sure, and that has allowed us to be here today and to have survived several crises (and what a crisis they were!).

Our growth has not been limited to increasing our turnover and income, or to increasing our staff, in fact we would say that the former is the least important (although necessary), but the reputation and good name of our agency, built on effort and dedication, are the best reward we receive on this anniversary. We don’t say so ourselves, but rather the comments and words of our clients throughout all these years, which makes us feel very proud, but not satisfied, because we always want to give them the best.

… looking to the future

18 years seems like a long time, but this is not the end, our journey has only just begun, especially in this 21st century in which new technologies, communication channels and work tools are developing at breakneck speed. We will be there, at the forefront of communication, giving our clients what this new era demands.

Thank you

From the first steps of FINZEL PR, to what we are today, we owe everything we are to the effort and the essence of each and every one of the people who work or have worked with us and, from this moment on, we can see a powerful future. And how could we not thank our clients, present and past, for their contribution! Without them, and their confidence in us, we would certainly never have reached this coming of age.


Thanks to all the people who have passed through FINZEL PR, those who have been with us since the beginning or who joined us later, and to those who are still to come.

Thank you all for your support and hard work.

FINZEL PR | 18 years at your side

We are a Public Relations and Communications agency based in Madrid with offices in Barcelona and Lisbon (Portugal).


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