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Creation of original and customized public relations campaigns

campañas de relaciones públicas originales y personalizadas


One of the main keys to the success of a public relations campaign is to personalize them and make sure they are original. A standard campaign, which does not contribute anything new or is not specific to the brand and its characteristics, is doomed to oblivion and failure.

Nowadays competitiveness is enormous, and the marketing and communication sector is saturated with campaigns without soul, without personality, and for this reason, if you want to be successful, you must design a totally original public relations and communication campaign that is unique to your brand and that no other can replicate.

Personalization of public relations campaigns

The public relations campaign must be tailored to the brand, its philosophy, its products and services, its characteristics and distinctive attributes; it must be customized to the brand. But it must also be customized for the consumer; it must be adapted to his or her consumer preferences and demographic characteristics (age, sex, place of residence, budget, level of education, etc.).

To do this, it is necessary to collect, organize and analyze customer data, and although this may seem to some consumers a “bad practice”, if it is done with transparency and publicly explaining the process of data processing that we do, it will become a positive value of our brand. Few things consumers value more in a commercial brand than transparency and honesty.

This transparency must be the center of the public relations strategy, since it is already an original and determining attribute of the brand’s personality.

In order to personalize the public relations campaign to each client, a study of the different buyer persona profiles of our clients and potential clients is required. In this way, we will be able to communicate with them in a closer and more attractive way. This greatly enhances the acquisition of new customers and the loyalty of existing ones.

It is also very important to listen to consumers, attend to their needs, solve their doubts and help them in everything necessary. This further strengthens their trust in our brand and will allow us to improve our products and services and customize them to their tastes and needs.

Develop an original public relations campaign

As we have already said, first and foremost, you must avoid sounding like everyone else. Standard campaigns that lack originality and personality are forgettable.

To develop a public relations campaign that really sounds original, unique, captures the attention of consumers and attracts our potential customers, there are two essential keys to keep in mind.

Speaking to the audience: Avoiding stereotypes

For a PR campaign to be original and feel unique, it must avoid stereotypes. Every industry has its own, and most resort to them.

The best way to avoid clichés is to communicate with consumers in the same way they do in their daily lives. And try to treat them as adults at all times, with transparency and closeness. Also talking about what really matters to them, and not what matters to the brand.

Consumers are the protagonists, always have been and always will be. This is something that brands must understand and internalize if they intend to have a public relations campaign that is truly effective and successful.

Superficial statements: Avoiding empty words

Many times, public relations people just repeat the same slogans over and over again. This bores and exhausts consumers. The key is not to say anything that does not add value. Empty words, repetitive slogans, and statements that do not solve or contribute anything are tiring, and very tiring.

What a brand says, shares and declares, must bring something to the consumer; whether it is information that is of interest to them, benefits, or simple fun and entertainment.

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