Communication agencies vs. media

Communication agencies vs. media – Compatible?


The relationship between communication agencies and the media has always been very close. Not only do they collaborate and work together, but agencies often buy media and vice versa. This practice creates a lot of dilemmas and calls into question the professionalism and reliability of both. So the question is, can the two work together in an honest way in the public eye? In this article we take a stand.

The current situation between agencies and the media

The dynamic between brands, agencies and media works as follows: the brand wants to communicate a message to the audience, hires an agency to do it in the best possible way, and the agency contacts the media to offer to communicate it, and the media may or may not accept.

However, this dynamic can become more complex. Sometimes, the communication of the news from the agency to the media does not take place independently, i.e. there are communications agencies that have become part of large media and media that have become part of large agencies. In this case, the news from the brand will be accepted, no matter what.

This leads us to a stark reality: to doubt the independence of the media and their rigorousness.

Is it true that the media are absorbing communication agencies?

Of course they are. It is no secret that this happens and that it also happens the other way around. It is a widespread practice for agencies to buy space in the media in order to include content from their clients or even from their own agency to promote themselves.

This marketing strategy has proven to be much more effective than advertising in attracting more clients, but there is always a downside to every story. The medium begins to be perceived as not very independent and gradually loses credibility with the audience.

But this does not only happen between agencies and media, but also in the equation most often the brands are involved, buying media or agencies. It is a kind of circle where everyone works together and has the same interests, with no separation between these three pillars.

Media and Communication Agencies

What are the dynamics of this practice?

Due to the precarious situation of the traditional media today, this practice has become much more widespread, even though it has always existed.

However, often times, in this 3-factor equation, the media has the least power. Due to the digital revolution, any company and any communication agency can create its own portal and promote its own products or services without the need to contact the mainstream media.

Are these practices ethical on both sides? Our opinion

As a communications agency, one of our jobs is to make a brand’s product or service known to the public, and that will always be the case. There is nothing negative about that. Advertising, as long as it is perceived and communicated as such, benefits everyone.

At Finzel, we believe that the problem arises when advertising is integrated into the media in an excessive and uncritical manner. We believe that the media should be financed by brand advertising, but always trying not to confuse the viewer or consumer.

Avoiding practices that pass off advertising as information or news will be fundamental if the media, and the agencies or brands that advertise in them, want to continue to have the public’s trust.

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